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Anywhere with you

Deep dark brown eyes stared directly into yours and even though it felt like he was looking through you, you refused to look away.  He was known for his penetrating gaze and had admitted before that he was used to looking at people right in the eye to the point where they became uncomfortable but you didn’t mind it.  Heck, you even like it because you felt more comfortable talking to someone while looking at his/her in the eyes.  Of course, you tended not to do it as much for fear to make them uncomfortable but with him, you were free to stare as much as you liked even if you two weren’t talking, just like right now.  It felt like you were having a stare contest but you both knew that it wasn’t.  You could look away whenever either of you wanted to but neither of you seemed interested on breaking the eye contact.

The poker face he always wore slowly disappeared as his lips began to curl and a smile formed in his lips.  His eyes slowly disappeared but not completely and seeing that innocent and honest smile, you couldn’t help but smile back.  Unable to resist the urge, you tapped his nose and to your surprise, he crossed his eyes and stared at your finger, making a face that had you giggling the minute you saw it.  Withdrawing your hand, you rolled on the floor until you were lying on your back but continued giggling like a little girl.  However, you sobered up the instant he appeared in front of you, hovering above you and with a frown in his face as if he didn’t get why you were giggling.  Once again, you guys stared at each other without a word and you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in that head of his.

Slowly, he brought his face closer until his lips touched your nose, kissing it sweetly and awakening all the butterflies in your stomach.  Grinning, you placed your hand on his cheek as he leaned back with a satisfied smile in his face.  In that moment, you came to the realization that you loved him and that you could spent the whole afternoon even the whole day with him in silence as long as he was with you.  “We are home!” Someone exclaimed, breaking the peaceful atmosphere in the house and the next thing you two knew the bedroom door was opened.  “Myungsoo-ah, why didn’t you tell us you were going to bring your girlfriend?” Sungyeol asked as he walked inside the room and you instantly sat up, flustered because of the position he caught you on.

“Because it’s none of your business, why are you back so early?” Myungsoo questioned with annoyance in his tone and you couldn’t help but shake your head.  These two were always arguing or joking around and you weren’t sure which one happened more often.  What you did know, though, was that now that they were back you were going to get in their way and it was time for you to go.  Sungyeol laid on the bed, but not before he stuck his tongue out and ignored Myungsoo’s question.  Without a word, you stood up gaining Myungsoo’s attention as he asked: “Where are you going?” Before you could tell him that you had to go or something like that, he reached for your hand and pulled you gently towards him.

Squeezing his hand, you kneeled in front of him and pressed your lips against his.  “I have to go, but I’ll call you tonight, okay?” You told him, but he stubbornly muttered ‘no’ and letting go of your hand, he took your head on his hands and kissed you.  Too surprised to do anything, you just allowed him to kiss you but soon enough, you were kissing him back totally forgetting that Sungyeol was also in the room.  Sungyeol made himself known to you guys again when he threw a pillow towards you that hit both of you directly on the side of the head and you quickly broke the kiss to Myungsoo’s annoyance.  As soon as you were separated, Myungsoo glared at Sungyeol and even threw the pillow back while the other said to get a room.  “I’ll be going then.” You announced and quickly made a run for the door.

You guess you caught Myungsoo by surprise because he didn’t stop you and you were able to get to the living room where the rest of the members were hanging out.  All eyes were on you and you awkwardly waved and smiled before you headed for the door.  Behind you, Myungsoo called your name but instead of slowing down, you hurried to the door and managed to get it opened before he caught up with you. “Come on, don’t go.” He pleaded while getting a hold on your hand and turning you around.  It was a rarity for you guys to be together but you didn’t want to be a bother to the members who were always tired whenever they came to the dorm.  “The members don’t mind you being here.” He suddenly murmured as if he was reading your mind and you stared at him in surprise.

“Myungsoo…” You started to say but he placed his finger in your lips and hugged you tightly.  Closing your eyes, you enjoyed the closeness that you couldn’t have in the daily basis.  You weren’t leaving, were you?  Myungsoo knew you a little too well and when he let go of you, you couldn’t help but sigh in defeat which earned you a smug smile from him.  “Fine, fine, but you owe me ice-cream.” You informed him which he agreed at once and you were then dragged back to the living room where everyone tried to act as if they hadn’t heard a word even though you all knew they had.

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