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I'm Ari, a B2uty, Inspirit and an EXO fan. I also love the Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time and many more~

“Sungyeol?” You asked as you lied on the floor, your head resting on his stomach and your eyes fixed on the ceiling.  For once, he wasn’t running around like a hyper kid and just enjoyed the silence with you.  ‘Hm?’ He answered quietly and you could imagine him with closed eyes and hands behind his head.  “Are you happy?” As soon as you asked this, you couldn’t help but think that you were sounding like your mother who would every now and then ask you if you were happy.  You would always say yes because even though you didn’t love everything about your life, you liked most of it.  You weren’t even sure why you were asking him this but sometimes you found yourself wondering if he was happy.  He was living his dream but most of the time, him and the rest of the members would be running around with little to no sleep.

It worried you but you tried to not show it whenever you were around him.  He didn’t need to know that, when he knew that his mother was also worried about him.  “…Yes, of course, why are you asking?” He sounded confused and even though you couldn’t see him you knew he was frowning.  The next thing you knew, you were being poked on the cheek before he asked: “Are you not happy?”  He poked your cheek again because it seemed that he wanted your answer or attention so turning you head to him, you opened your mouth and tried to bite his finger.  He knew you disliked being poke thanks to your brother but he continue doing that whenever he wanted.

“I am happy, can’t I just ask a question?” Sitting up, you folded your arms and pouted like a little girl; you guess you could be as childish as Sungyeol.  He groaned as if thinking ‘not this again’ or something like that.  Maybe you were being a bother when you should be supporting him and not bringing his stress level higher.  Biting your lower lip, you hesitated a moment before you turned around but you were suddenly surprised when you found Sungyeol centimeters away from you.  He seemed surprised too and by his pouty lips, you could guess that he was planning to kiss your cheek.  The thought made you blush even though he had kissed you on the lips before.

One of his gummy and honest smiles appeared in his lips and you couldn’t help but smile too.  You were always prone to laugh when you heard someone laughing but with Sungyeol, you always found yourself unable to not smile when you saw him smiling.  “So you are happy, that’s good because I am happy too…” He mumbled but trailed off as he leaned forward slowly until his lips touched yours.  Feeling like you were in the clouds, a smile spread through your lips as Sungyeol kissed you.  How could you not be happy when you had a guy that made your heart flutter and felt the same way you felt?

“Sungye- oh.” A guy’s voice was heard, ruining the moment and forcing you to pull apart.  To hide your embarrassment, you turned away from the door while Sungyeol whom you could see with the corner of my eye was glaring at whoever had interrupted you.  “Er… sorry, I should have knocked…” Now that Sungyeol was not distracting you, you were able to distinguish the voice, which belonged to Sungjong, the maknae.  You felt relieved because it would be more embarrassing if one of Sungyeol’s hyungs caught you two kissing but then again you didn’t want Sungjong seeing you either.  It had only been a short kiss but you were not a big fan of PDA.

Quietly, Sungyeol growled and narrowing his eyes while Sungjong turned around and went out of the room as fast as he could.  “Sungyeol, don’t go scaring Sungjong like that!” You whisper-yelled at Sungyeol with a frown as you told him this.  A scowl appeared in Sungyeol’s face as it always did whenever you defended his dongsaeng and you couldn’t help but want to roll your eyes but in the end, you didn’t.  Even though you disliked his jealousy, you did understand him if even a little and so moving closer to him, you placed your hand on his cheek.  “Don’t be like that, Yeollie. You are my favorite but I can’t help but feel bad for Sungjong.” You explained and it seemed enough for him to stop scowling and instead he shook his head.

“Ah, you’re too nice, jagi.” He told you before giving you a sweet kiss in the lips and then smiling while kissing you.  In return, you kissed him back and before you knew it you were making out with Sungyeol hovering over you, while your arms wrapped around his neck pulling him closer.  Someone cleared his throat, taking you both by surprised and without wasting time, Sungyeol rolled to the side.  It was then that you saw Sunggyu oppa on the door with folded arms giving you a disappointed look and next to you, Sungyeol muttered: “Not again.”

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